Jack Edwards Reviews






Isabella Samengo for Leeds Music Scene

I had heard a lot about the next act- The Jack Edwards band. The main excitement surrounding the band was about the apparently faultless production, and synchronisation between the musicians, but predominantly about the vocals. As a group, they oozed confidence and after a couple of bars, we knew exactly what they had to be confident about. Jack Edwards and Pete Darling's harmonies were well-executed and their charisma shone through. Lead vocals just electrified the room- Jack had great range, effortlessly moving his voice all over the shop, and just being a really solidly good showman. I think the really clever trick with this band was the use of the odd cover to keep the audience's attention locked in tight- not that it was faltering in any way. Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' huge smash-hit 'Uptown Funk', could be considered untouchable given its mammoth success, but these guys took the exciting funk sound in their stride and performed just fantastically, turning up the energy of the crowd a few notches, and everyone adored it. Another factor that surprised me about the band was that you would think a song like 'Uptown Funk' would be hard to follow- but their own music did not sound as if it were of a different calibre at all, the quality remained high. The band showed their range with their own rock style, funk, and a Motown Al Green Classic at the end in their own unique style. The band were flawless, the type of music that makes you smile from ear to ear, and be grateful you got out of bed that morning. Well worth a listen.

Stefan Gandhi, from 360 Club gig 25th July 2014

Jack Edwards is a singer/songwriter that is currently based in Leeds. His distinct Soul/Blues-Rock sound came across in his performance as his presence reminded me of artists that are still relevant in the mainstream charts like 'John Mayer'. Jack (Lead Vocal & Guitar) was accompanied by his band that consisted of Eddy Hill (Lead Guitar), Pete Darling (Bass & Backing Vocal) and Adam Swales (Drums). The first track in Jack's set was his latest single 'Never Surrender', a song that has the key elements to being classed as a perfect pop song (e.g. memorable guitar hook and catchy vocal melody). The audience definitely picked up a cool vibe from the band whilst they were onstage, but what really made them stand out for me personally was the fact that I couldn't pinpoint any faults that would put you off from seeing them again in the future. Jack Edward's band was probably the most chilled of the three bands in my opinion during the gig, and would I say this is good or bad? Well...I believe it was good in this case as it helped to give abit of contrast to the night's music, as it differentiated them from the big band sound that was being offered by the other two acts to follow. 'Death Defying' is another great radio-friendly track that was performed during the middle of their set, and once I heard this...it was clear to me just how talented Jack is as a songwriter. He appears to be slowly building upon his brand, and it's evident that he is on the right path to finding his sound as an artist.

James Straker, LeedsAcoustic.

Jack Edwards managed to encapsulate everything that makes soulful, American tinged singer/songwriter, acoustic music and managed to keep the audience engaged throughout his half hour set.

He was joined on stage by Pete Darling on backing vocals and guitar and together showed tight and well-crafted harmonies.

It’s not often that an artist can keep an audiences attention, but throughout the set Jacks audience gave their undivided attention.

 If you like your singer songwriter soulful, laid back and charming then you’ll find much to admire with Jack Edwards.

Bill Gray (Leeds College Of Music album consultant):

'Jack has a musical maturity and heartfelt soul which belie his years. His work possesses a strong sense of melody and substance which mark him out as a serious talent to watch'.

FL2 Promotions (Birmingham Live music promotions company):

‘A singer with an amazing voice that gives you goose bumps [and] music that makes you want more.’

John (Music Man on Myspace):

‘…amongst many other superb qualities this band offers I detected this front man has got one hell of a soulful voice.’